INSIDE BLACK contributors include a diverse group of authors, visual artists, educators, scientists, poets, photographers, dancers and visionaries.

1. Otion (Guillermo Blinker)  I’m Not Black I’m Deep
2. Maartje Nevejan  Black is not a Color, but a Space
3. Sara Hermanides  The Dark Side
4. Joan Gannij  Lady and the Champ, Basquiat, Black Cats Rule
5. Quincy Troupe  Three Poems
6. Dr. Charissa Granger  Sounding Out Love
7. Saskia Janssen  Free Bird Radio
8. Anthony Murrell  Growing Up Black
9. Robbert Ruigrok  Drawings
10. Leslie Browne  The Color Black, Meeting Steve Cannon, Black Square, the Zero Point
11. Prof. Gerard ‘t Hooft  No Mystery is too Black
12. Mathijs van Zutphen  The Limits of What We Know
13. Rob Sweere  Inside Black is the Light
14. Stephanie CW  My Biracial Skin
15. Sharrif Simmons  A Constant Struggle
16. Leonie Klooster  Inside Moral Judgement
17. Ashish Pant  Living the Darkness
18. Lovely Uhlenbeek  I Am
19. Tama-Sha Ross Kambon  A Walk in the Park, Color by Definition
20. Akinsanya Kambon  Artist, Activist, teacher
21. Adam Bais  What is Black?
22. Esther Tielemans  Paintings
23. Arjan Polhuijs  The Dark Child Revealed
24. George Korsmit  Untitled
25. Séan Hannan  Beyond the Lyrics
26. David Straange  Paintings
27. Monique Duurvoort  A Diary of Reflection
28. Steve Kowit  Solo Monk
29. Steve Cannon  Poems
30. David Henderson  A Salute to Steve Cannon